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ABOUT walk a mile in her shoes

WANTED!!! Husbands, Boyfriends, Women, Children… We are calling on the community to Pledge and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes and to do it in Red High Heels! The West Maui Task Force -- a satellite office of Women Helping Women -- is asking our community to help us KICK OFF October Domestic Violence Awareness month by participating in our 7th Annual Walk A Mile in Her Shoes. This event is part of a larger, international men’s march that began as a small group of men daring to totter around a park and has grown to become a world-wide movement

 Despite the gravity of the issue, Walk a Mile in her Shoes is  a playful opportunity for men and women to participate in a key role by helping to raise awareness in our community about some serious issues that are all too often kept behind closed doors. You can’t truly understand another’s experience until you walk a mile in their shoes … figuratively. On this day, the West Maui Task Force is asking the men and women of the West Side to come out and walk in her shoes. Men will teeter around a small course in women’s high heels as a symbol of solidarity with the men, women and families whose goal it is to foster healthy relationships and end domestic violence. 

Proceeds from the Walk a Mile will benefit Women Helping Women's Client Assistance Fund which helps promote safety, healing, empowerment and support to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.